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Tradition and cultural events

Koroni | Tracht | Tradition und kulturelle VeranstaltungenKoroni is not only renown for its natural attractions. Further than these and its monuments it combines a rich intellectual and cultural activity.

The cultural summer of Koroni:

Every summer significant events are organized
Literature night events, theatrical performances, the sardine feast, the barcarole (a cruise with the fishing boats), traditional dances, sport events, jazz nights, a number
of events that cover the sensitivities of the most demanding visitor.

Koroni | Tracht | Tradition und kulturelle Veranstaltungen

Another remarkable event is the Carnival of Koroni with the floats as well as the pedestrians parade.

Koroni | Tracht | Tradition und kulturelle Veranstaltungen | Ostern

Easter in Koroni:

The visitor is astonished by the religious atmosphere and the people's devoutness within or outside the numerous town's and country churches.
This feeling of reverence is especially evident on the Good Friday, when the Epitaph procession takes place, which passes through the town's paved roads and concludes in the Castle.

Reference: ARAK ADV. Koroni, Lady of the South - Summer Guide

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