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Vounaria | Βουνάρια

Vounaria | ΒουνάριαBeginning with our small itinerary at the 44 km of the highway of Kalamata -Koroni we meet the sublime village of Vounaria, built upon the ruins of the ancient location of Kolonidon and within an arched sequence of sparse verdurous hillocks with the series curve pointing to the South. From these hillocks... Vounalakia with the highest of them being Ai-Lias and Goula on the eastern side. wherefrom its name is derived.

What makes Vounaria village a particular attraction is its traditional color.

Vounaria | ΒουνάριαAlmost all the village's houses are built with mud-bricks with a balcony and a roof with tiles. However, what makes the village excel and brightens its presence is the Holy Church of Evangelistria, which is entirely built with stones in the Byzantine rhythm of the previous century.

Vounaria have been actively involved in the struggles of the Nation. The people of the village, become renown with regard to the popular art that they developed and especially with reference to pottery. The village today has 226 inhabitants. It would be an omission if it is not mentioned that the poet Giannis Kamvyssis was a native of Vounaria.

Reference: ARAK ADV. Koroni, Lady of the South - Summer Guide

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