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Chrysokellaria | Χρυσοκελλαριά

Chrysokellaria | ΧρυσοκελλαριάFollowing the Vasilitsi village we encounter the Chrysokellaria village. Saratsas, the older name of Chrysokellaria, was inhabited already from the Middle Ages. Up above in the mountain Zarnaoura, the today's peaceful village, with its 612 residents is spread on both sides, along its slopes. From one side, the olive plantations, manors and the mountain, are the eternal spectators of the Messinian gulf and on the other, through a splendid landscape lead us to the Tsapi sand beach where the reality is transformed into vision.

Chrysokellaria | ΧρυσοκελλαριάDuring the Venetian era, the village's sources were supplying with advisable way the Koroni's water-tower.
The village's involvement in the 1821 War of Independence is unforgettable, that is the holocaust of the Chrysokellaria's young lads, who were tossed before the Koroni's walls.

Today, the village's residents, being descendants of heroes and emigrants from Arcadia, further than the agricultural production are involved into firming up the traditional hospitality of the place and the walker-visitor will be ever sure that a door will be opened for him.

Reference: ARAK ADV. Koroni, Lady of the South - Summer Guide

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