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The market

Der Markt in Koroni
Many villages and cities would have envied the verve of this debonair square of St. Demetrios. Here, sort of the heart and remote edge of Europe, everything is engaged in. Buses leaving for Kalamata or Athens, banks, shops, the postoffice, cafes, patisseries, taxis, local fish is sold as well vegetables.

Der Markt in Koroni

The Lilliputian road, which seems as though it's hiding at the left end of the square, leads to Omali and the port. Another road to the left, Kalentzi Street, plays a significant role with regard to the vigourness of and the struggle for living.

Der Markt in KoroniFoto: Jörn Handdruck (www.handdruck.de)

Old and spacious houses host in their basements every kind of flourishing shops such as barbershops, groceries, fishermen's, jeweler's, the international news stand with Greek and
foreign magazines and newspapers as well as the Greek Telecommunications Company (OTE) bureau where one can make international as well as domestic phone calls.
On the left back streets lead to the port whereas
on the right picturesque cobbled roads and staircases connect the down street with the uptown neighborhoods.

Reference: ARAK ADV. Koroni, Lady of the South - Summer Guide

24004 Koroni  •  Messinias  •  Greece