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Kombi | Κόμποι

Kombi | ΚόμποιContinuing our small itinerary, and after Vounaria, we meet the village of Kombi. The village's name is associated with the fact that its people prepared ropes with knots (i.e. kombi means knots in modern Greek) and rope-ladders for the assault against the Turkish occupation of Koroni's Castle.
The narrow rural road that crosses the naIve village with the 114 inhabitants is kept safe like a secret jewel amidst a string of olive groves and vineyards that lead to the a masterpiece of nature, its idyllic sand beach.

Kombi, with its magnificent natural view how could it be possible to stay out of the tide of the new 'conquerors', the tourist creatures. And the small village is rapidly developing with structures, dispersed here and there, which are successively adapted to the natural ambient. We hope that this development will continue properly, and within this framework of respect to the natural and traditional environment, so that the wave would not turn into a stream that can wash away everything.

Reference: ARAK ADV. Koroni, Lady of the South - Summer Guide

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