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The municipality of Koroni was built on the very end of the first arm of the Peloponnesian peninsular, almost 52 km away from Kalamata, the capital of the Prefecture of Messinia, The town has been amphitheatrically built on the hill-side of Akritas cape. Narrow and graphical paved little streets with traditionally made fencing and flower pots on the balconies bear a strong resemblance to Aegean islands. The incredible prettiness of the landscape, the light blue colour of the sky with some darker blue dashes of the sea, literally charm the visitor.

Koroni (along with the neighbouring fortress town of Methoni) is among the stares of the Peloponnesus that flourished economically and socially between the 13th and 17th century, mainly because of their strategic geographical position, amidst east and west, Koroni soon became the "keyharbour" for the transportation of goods, especially by the Venetians, who have historically placed their name among Koroni's most notable occupants. It is said that they used to call Koroni and Methoni "the eyes of Venice" in the south-eastern Mediterranean. Until the 19th century, Koroni had the privilege to experience great economic prosperity and remarkable social structure.

Its unique geographical position, on top of the impressive end of the Messinian peninsular, along with the high altitude and the wide levelled area, was suitable for fortification works, providing greater safety than other coastal Messinian fortresses. On the top of the hill today, lays dominantly the Venetian castle, which, through the years, has been the "apple of discord" between various conquerors and aspiring claimants of the region.

Undeniably the most renowned phrase, tightly connected with the region of Koroni is not other than that that refers to the famous "Barba (uncle) in Koroni". The phrase sterns from the period of the Ottoman occupation of the town, bur the historical roots of Koroni are a lot deeper. They begin in the years of the Mycenaean period and along a continuous timeline they reach the glorious days of the Hellenic Revolution against the Ottoman occupation of Greece in 1821. The visitor of Koroni, in the view of the magnificent landscape and the heroic monuments of the region, undoubtedly feels that he takes a super-natural overwhelming journey into time that leaves none untouched.

Koroni in numbers

Koroni consists of totally 10 villages. These are Charokopio (Χαροκοπιό), Vasilitsi (Βασιλίτσι), Chrysokellaria (Χρυσοκελλαριά), Falanthi (Φαλάνθη), Akritochori (Ακριτοχώρι), Kaplani (Καπλάνι), Vounaria (Βουνάρια), Iameia (Υάμεια), Kombi (Κόμποι). More information you can find at regions. Currently 5,423 inhabitants can call Koroni as their home. Since 2011, the small fishing village belongs to the municipality of Pylos. Until the end of 2010 Koroni was the administration of the homonymous municipality.

Geographical Coordinate
height above sea level
density of population
24004 Koroni, Messinias, Greece
+30 27250 22221 and +30 27250 22500
+30 27250 22224
105.163 hectare
36° 48′ N, 21° 57′ E
0 to 60 m
48,2 adults/km²

Koroni is the official representative of Mediterranean diets

UNESCO has declared the Mediterranean diet for cultural World Heritage and Koroni is - in addition to three other cities in the Mediterranean - official representative. More in this article.

Sea Turtle (Caretta) in Koroni

Koroni is visited by Caretta turtles each year in the summer months. They lay their eggs in nests in the sand on Zaga and Memi-Beach. The nests are observed and protected by students from around the world under an international research and conservation project. For this reason, it is forbidden to make fire at the beach from June to September.  

Reference: http://www.archelon.gr

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