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The church of Eleistria

Die Eleistria-Kirche in Koroni
In Eleistria's southern part, in the cellar is the crypt where sculptures were found, which purifies both natives and foreign votaries of Christianism.

Die Eleistria-Kirche in Koroni

The Church of the Patron Saint of Eleistria (i.e. The Merciful holy Virgin) was erected in the southern historical and rocky slope between the sea's immensity and the Castle. It was erected within three years time as a psalm rising in the sky the generous fruits of the faith of the people of Koroni.

Picture: Jörn Handdruck (www.handdruck.de)

Die Eleistria-Kirche in KoroniSkilled artisans from Karpathos built with well-hewn stones
the modern, triune church which was inaugurated on December 26,1990.

The Church's commemoration feasts are: Zoodochos Pigi (i.e. life-giving source), each Xolambri Friday of the Annunciation, on March 25, the day of Stavros on September 14 as well as on January 21-22 where the celebration of Evresis (i.e.
Finding) takes place.

Reference: ARAK ADV. Koroni, Lady of the South - Summer Guide

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