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Messinia within the greek territory

Messinia im griechischen Raum | KoroniThe Prefecture's historical stage curtain rises five thousand years ago when Messini, the young princess from Argos, chooses to settle at the Southeastern edge of Peloponnese.

Messinia im griechischen Raum | KoroniThe region was thus named after her as Messinia, the glaring crowing of the Sun and the Mediterranean. The geographical location, the diverse agricultural produce and the geophysical wealth of the region have established it as an enviable place to live. Here eternity has found its own abode.

Messinia im griechischen Raum | Koroni
The picturesque Messinia, with 'carved' natural attractions, being flooded by immense verdurous greenery, knows how to keep proudly in its every single spot the mystery of a glorious past. Therefore the tourist walkabout is soon transformed into a kind of pilgrimage. Cobble roads, dirt roads, modern streets, plains, slopes, hills and high mountain peaks lead always to places where Nature, Religion and Men have collectively erected Temples,
Churches and Monasteries.

Messinia im griechischen Raum | KoroniThe Greek history records the first inhabitants of the wider area some 2,500 years B.C. The region was rapidly developed into a significant financial and cultural center of the ancient Greek world. Its wealth, natural beauties and strategic location endowed its people with prosperity and, at the same time, attracted the mighty of each period, who wished to possess it.

PAUSANIAS, who visited Messinia five years later, locates it where the modern town of PETALIDI is situated. Pausanias also gives an
account of the two temples of Dionysus, Artemis and Aesculapius as well as the Statue of Athena, the Copper Statue of Zeus, the temples of Ino, Koryhton Apollo and the little town of Kollonidon.

Messinia im griechischen Raum | Koroni
The great alignments of the wider Greek territory in the following centuries have found Koroni at its present location. Koroni then was conquered by Franks, Venetians and, finally, by the Ottoman Turks 1500 in A.D. 1824, the Greeks resolve in assaulting castle In the of KORONI, the so-called RESALTO, the Turks take notice of them and kill them.

Messinia im griechischen Raum | Koroni
In 1825, IBRAHIM PASHA, burned and devastated entirely KORONI.
In 1828, the French General MAISON hands over KORONI to NIKIT ARAS, the Greek chieftain, known also as Turk-Slayer, and JOSEPH, the bishop of Androusa eulogizes in the Venetian TEMPLE of St. ROK, which is then converted into the Orthodox Church of St. Charalambos

Reference: ARAK ADV. Koroni, Lady of the South - Summer Guide

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