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The entrance to Koroni

Einfahrt nach Koroni
The gyftika, or Kakoskali, is the first, while entering the town, neighborhood of Koroni.
On the left, the Messinian gulf, within an idyllic blue background, and on the right the 'Tourlakou' hill, the lucky eternal spectator onto its natural balcony. The narrow road is descending, bordered by old mansions and shops, and soon the visitor is wondering whether he should continue straight ahead or will he climb up the picturesque little stairs.

Einfahrt nach Koroni

Foto: Jörn Handdruck

Nevertheless, Koroni is openheartedly waiting for you as if you were to be honored.

Einfahrt nach Koroni
Stepping down the cobbled wide paved little stairs, with recently planted small trees you are brought to, just to the left, in front of the Karapavlos', the chieftain's, mansion.

Einfahrt nach Koroni

The small but lively road meets the traditional central square, which is also the town's market.

Einfahrt nach Koroni

The St. Demetrios Metropolitan Church is fitting, a basilica of the Ionian islands' art, which was built in 1864. The clock is a donation of Moudakis in 1909.

Reference: ARAK ADV. Koroni, Lady of the South - Summer Guide

24004 Koroni  •  Messinias  •  Greece