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Natural attractions

Schöne Landschaft in Koroni mit Blick auf Taygetos
Olive groves and vineyards have given their place to the holiday infrastructure.

Koroni, being a secluded place, protected and preserved its traditional character having retained intact its magnificence and advantages. Today is in the right track of tourist development.


Schöne Landschaft | Koroni Zaga Beach

Here, the stranger is seduced and enchanted, and even before his departure from Koroni is nostalgic to return.

Schöne Landschaft | Koroni
He's gone and back again to watch once more the sunrise at Taygetos mountain, to revive the carefree vibrations of the market, to rejoice swimming and suntan at the golden beaches as
well as the sunset in the spaciousness of Akrita location. The sea breeze and the starlight at night in the port make one think that he's living into
new dreamy worlds, revealing new sensations.

Reference: ARAK ADV. Koroni, Lady of the South - Summer Guide

24004 Koroni  •  Messinias  •  Greece