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The Omali Port

Der Hafen Omali in Koroni
At the jetty a variety of restaurants, taverns, ouzo drinking bars, connected to each other, ...

Der Hafen Omali in Koroni

octopuses laid and sun-burnt seem as they are dancing the Greek folk dance called kalamatianos call the visitor to taste a mellow mood with ouzo and day or night dreaming.  

Der Hafen Omali in Koroni

The sea close to this with its interlacing waves rocks fishing caiques and boats.

Der Hafen Omali in Koroni

At night the area is transformed into a pedestrian
zone, packed up with well-dressed people from Koroni and visitors. Amidst the clear skies a stroll combined with
chatter, songs and guitars offer an unforgettable thoughtlessness.

Reference: ARAK ADV. Koroni, Lady of the South - Summer Guide                             

Picture: Jörn Handdruck www.handdruck.de

24004 Koroni  •  Messinias  •  Greece