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The finding of the holy icon

Das Auffinden der heiligen Ikone | Die Eleistria Kirche in KoroniAt night, close to the Resalto location, something like a shimmering light was visible. The people of Koroni believed that this was the holy Light because the heroes of Resalto had purified the place.

Maria Stathaki for fifteen years was dreaming the Holy Virgin admonishing her to tell her fellow-villagers that its icon, was buried for years into the castle's rocks. The people of Koroni as soon as they knew it grubbed the place with zest but found nothing.  

Picture: Jörn Handdruck (www.handdruck.de)

Das Auffinden der heiligen Ikone | Die Eleistria Kirche in KoroniIn 1896, Magdalini Mourgou, a twelve-year old girl, saw a silhouette talking to her. "Come, I will show you where the icons are buried", she said to her.

The little girl followed as if with her eyes closed. Then she saw the Holy Virgin with her palms spread pointing the specific place. The rock after it was dynamited, revealed three statuettes, the Christ Crucified, the Virgin Mary holding the Holy Infant and another one that it is attributed to the Luke, the Evangelist (21/1/1897).

Reference: ARAK ADV. Koroni, Lady of the South - Summer Guide

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